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Introduction and Information of the Lan Yuan Student Dormitory
Introduction of Spanish : DORM Fo Guang University.pdf

  • Situated next to Lan Yang Temple, Fo Guang Shan’s Yilan branch temple, the Lan Yuan Student Dormitory (the Dorm) is conveniently located among all life functions. It takes only 10 to 15 minutes to walk to the Yilan Train Station, Dongmen Night Market or Luna Plaza.
  • Address: No. 268, Xinxing Road, Yilan City, Yilan County, 26041 Taiwan.
(Note: to receive mails, please add your Room No. to the address)
Tel: 886-3-9359100.
2.The Building:
  • The Dorm building contains two blocks, Block A and B. Each has five floors.
  • The 1/F of Block A houses the Management Office and the Study Room. The 1/F of Block B houses the Common Room.
  • 2/F to 5/F in Block A are twin rooms. There are 40 rooms in total.
  • 1/F to 5/F in Block B are twin or 4-person rooms. There are 77 rooms in total.
3.The Dorm Rooms:
  • The newly completed Dorm commenced its operation since August 2014. Each dorm room is a suite with beds (two single beds for twin rooms; two single bunk beds for 4-person rooms), desks, chairs, reading lights, book shelves, closets, air conditioner, LAN, and phone extension.  
  • Residents should prepare their own: bedding, clothing, toiletries, computer, extension cord with automatic power-off protection, and LAN cable (short).   
  1. Management Office (1/F Block A):
    Mail service, enquiry, visitor registration, report for repairs, borrowing of public items, emergencies.
  2. Visitor Reception Area (1/F Block A):   
    Sofas as well as newspapers and magazine stands are available.
  3. Common Room (1/F Block B):
    TV, tables and chairs are available. It is a place to relax, mingle or hold discussions.
  4. Study / Reading Room (1/F Block A):
    Two study / reading rooms with desks, chairs and WIFI for study.
  5. Common Shower (1/F Block A):
    Shower facilities with nozzles, shelves, mirrors, sinks, emergency button, etc.
  6. Public Washroom (1/F Block A):
    For visitors’ use. There is also an accessible toilet.
  7. Laundry Room and Drying Area (at the intersection of Blocks A and B on 2/F to 5/F):
    Coin operated washing machine, spin dryer and dryer are available. There is also an area for clothes hanging.
  8. Garbage and Recycling Items Collection (B1 Block A):
    Please separate your trash from materials that can be recycled (plastic bottles, paper, aluminum foil packaging, tin / aluminum cans).
  9. Water Dispenser (Corridor of 1/F to 5/F):
    Cleaned thoroughly monthly to ensure the drinking water provided is hygienic and safe. 

Regulations and Points to Note
All students living in the Dorm should acknowledge cultural difference and observe Taiwanese law. Please also adjust yourselves suitably to comply with the following regulations.
  1. Visitors are allowed from 8am to 10pm only. All visitors should register at the reception counter at the Management Office.
  2. Hot water is provided at two time slots: 6:00 am - 9:00 am and 5:00 pm - 12:00 mid-night.
  3. It is strictly forbidden to invite visitors to stay overnight, sub-let your dorm bed or exchange your dorm bed with others. Violators will be subject to punishment according to Dorm management rules.
  4. For the safety of all residents, high-energy consuming electrical appliances such as oven, microwave, toaster, induction cooker, electric cooker, etc. are not allowed in the dorm room. Cooking in the dorm room is also strictly forbidden.
  5. Only extension cords that pass safety checks and those with safety on / off switch and automatic power-off protection function can be used.
  6. Smoking, drinking of alcohol and keeping pets are not allowed in the Dorm premises.
  7. People who are found stealing will be expelled immediately and taken to the police.
  8. To put up any promotional posters, approval chop from the Office of Student Affairs must be obtained.
  9. To borrow keys, one has to leave the student card at the service counter as deposit. Please note that all borrowed keys should be returned on the same day otherwise it will be regarded as breaching the Dorm rules.
  10. Without prior approval, residents and visitors are strictly forbidden to enter the floors and dorm rooms for the opposite sex. Violators of this regulation will receive severe punishment.
  11. Scooters, motor bikes, bicycles and other personal transportation must be parked in the designated area. Those who fail to do so will lose your right to keep your transportation within the Dorm premise.
  12. The Dorm is located in a residential neighborhood. Please refrain from making loud noises after 10pm to maintain a quiet environment for everyone in the neighborhood.
  13.  The Dorm implements 24-hour access control. Roll call will be taken every night at 10:30pm (Mon to Thur). Residents are not allowed to leave the Dorm after roll call. Those who are unable to show up for roll call have to request for leave beforehand. (For leave request procedures, please check with the Management Office on 1/F.)
  14. There will be three sanitary inspections in each semester. Time and details will be announced separately.
  15. Please pay regular attention to the notice board on 1/F, Block A for any other announcements.
  16. The phone extension in each room is an important means of communication. Please ensure it operates smoothly at all times.
* The Dorm implements 24-hour access control. Access is only granted to those with a valid magnetic key card. Please ensure you bring along your access card to all Dorm areas. (Including the B1 Garbage Collection Area and the parking area in the basement.)
The Lan Yuan Student Dormitory, Fo Guang University,
appreciates your understanding and cooperation.