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Fo Guang University 
Chinese Language Instruction Center
Living expenses list

1. Tuition Fee, NT$12,000 (per month, will be charged from scholarship)
2. Register Fee, NT$1,500
3. Placement Test Fee, NT$500
4. Materials Fee, NT$3,000
(Audio Visual Books1 textbook& student workbook & workbooks in 4 semesters)
5. Alien Resident Certificate Fee NT$1,000
6. Private insurance Fee NT$3,000
(For whole year, including to stay in hospital and any medical expenses which cause by accident)
7. Opening a Taiwan cooperative bank account NT$1,000 (This fee will be refund.)
8. Chinese Stamp NT$50
9. Renting a house NT$2,000-NT$5,000 per month
10. Meal expenses NT$50-NT$150